Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Catch up again! Month 16 to 17, up to 24 weeks.

updated photos

I do have to catch up on the blog and I have posted the current photos. I will update with a belly pic soon. I feel really bad that I haven't taken as many picture being the last child I was always a little upset at my parents for not having more photos of me as as kid. So I feel bad that I don't have more belly pics of this baby. Of course I also think that I am not as "pregnant" looking this time around. This baby is low and small right now.
We have had a follow up appointment for Evan's tube and his surgery and everything is healing just wonderfully. The next follow up will be in November and December for both appointment.
Our big news lately is that we put in an offer on a house and after much negotiating...our first offer was put in on May 28th! They finally accepted. It is a great little ranch house with 3 bedrooms and two baths. We have much updating to do so more blogging on this. We close on the 29th of September. So pictures to follow.
We have done many fun things we have visited Great Grandmother at her new assisted living home. They had a great end of summer picnic with lobster and mussels and hamburgers and all you can eat hood ice cream treats for dessert. Our next visit to Grandmother's was to celebrate her 87th birthday with a great breakfast and then a wonderful ice cream cake.
On Sept 9th, Ken and I got to visit baby Ritchie through an ultrasound. The baby is doing great and I told Ken that I thought it was in breach position before the appointment and we did confirm. So far the kid loves being in breach position as I am now 24 weeks and we still are in the same position. As for the little one it is a night owl. Just when I am ready to settle down for the day the baby wakes up and begins kicking. This was so different than Evan. Evan was very good at keeping my schedule and was up during the day and then asleep at night. Oh! we still don't know gender.
Ken has been really busy working on all of the house stuff, with the mortgage, insurance, utilities and home inspection all that stuff we haven't begun the process of picking a boy's name yet.
Evan lately has been vocalizing more and more. He had a break through and began saying "momma" again and give belly button and any word with a "b" in it. We are now teaching him to say "Boo" so when we say "Happy Halloween" he says "Boo" as trick or treat is just to hard a this age.
Funny story: Ken and I were out shopping and Evan pointed to my belly and said "baby" and I said "Yes" then he looked over at Ken and pointed to his belly and said "Baby" at that point Ken said "o.k. cut it out it is a belly button from now on!" priceless.
Work has been pretty busy we just got finished with our rounds of layoffs and I was lucky enough not to be laid off. I think it worked in our department's favor when we had several people leave that were not replaced. As for the future it appears a little uncertain if our sales don't increase.
Cravings: chocolate milk, popcorn, root beer
Pounds gained to date: 12

Friday, July 24, 2009

The great surgery.

Since Evan was born we knew that he was going to need to have a surgery for his hypospadius repair. We met that doctor last August and his surgery date was scheduled for March. Then the doctor cancelled this date. After that they sent us to another physician we did not mesh well and we were supposed to have surgery in May. That was cancelled. Finally, we headed for surgery on Tuesday.

The night before Leslie, Hermie, and Manette came over and visited for a few hours. The whole time I kept giving Evan a snack as we knew that he was not going to have food after midnight. We put him to bed around 8:15 pm. This is about an hour later than we usually do but we didn't want to have him get up at 5:30 a.m. and want to eat. He did get up at 12:15 that night and I gave him a little apple juice as we could only give him clear fluids. This was a huge treat as he doesn't drink really anything but milk or water. It must come from my WW days because I feel that most juices are a waste of calories.

Tuesday morning Evan woke up just fine and we started to get him ready for the hospital. We were supposed to be there at 6:30 a.m. but got there more at 6:45. Once at the hospital we got checked in and they took us back to the "surgery factory" there was about 12 bays all full of kids going for surgery. Evan was good and managed to take a ball from check in that he played with all the way into the O.R. We got him all settled in his surgery p.j.'s and he had a good time playing with the anesthesia mask. Ken and I had talked about me taking him back to the O.R. and when they asked I quickly volunteered. Our urologist checked in with us. He gave Evan another look over before the surgery and then we waited for the ENT to finish with his prior patient and I got donned into my scrub clothes and I picked up my cherub with the basketball. I did tell them that I was pregnant just to make sure that I passed out or something at least they would know.

The longest walk. Evan was holding onto his ball as we went into the O.R. we sat him on the hospital bed and there were about 6 other people all around. They were playing with Evan and then they put the mask. I held his hands down and he fought and fought and fought the anesthesia. He wasn't happy but did not cry. Finally, I could see that his eyes were going a little glassy and he was going under...but my little fighter kept on kicking until he was all the way out.

I was given instructions that if I cried it would be more upsetting for Evan so somehow I mustered all my strength and did not make one tiny peep. My insides were aching and I have never had my heart feel as bad as it did but my front to him was calm and reassuring. Even now as I am writing I am holding back the tears.

Ken and I then headed over for the first surgery to finish which were the ear tubes. It took only about 30 minutes from beginning to end. Then the next surgery began. This surgery took about 2.5 hours. During the middle of the surgery a nurse from the O.R. called and let us know that things were going just fine and that he was doing well. It is funny to get the call because here you are waiting knowing how long it takes but getting the call when it is too early is really scary. Even before I took the call the waiting room attendant said everything was fine.

At about 11:30 they took Ken and I into the room to talk with the doctor and his nurse. He said that it went well and if he had a text book open with pictures of how to do the surgery it would have followed the text book exactly! Our doctor said that he most likely would be fine to go home but since his complications rate is one of the lowest in the country he would be staying the night. In a flurry we were given a ton of instructions and medicines that he would need to have.

The whole time Ken was on a hunger strike. It was really cute that Ken refused to eat because Evan wasn't eating and he didn't think it was fair. As for me I ate the whole time as I knew that if I didn't I would wretch up the nothing in my stomach. I was able to convince Ken to drink water as Evan was getting an I.V. and therefore was staying hydrated. Around noon they took us back to recovery. Much like the pre-op area the recovery had a ton of bays with a bunch of kids coming out of anesthesia. Evan was just fine sleeping in his crib. He slowly stirred and Ken picked him up and tried to give him a bottle...Of course no one told me that I would need to bring a sippy cup for him! I wasn't even thinking of that I just figured they would have something for him. Evan wasn't a big fan of the bottle but did enjoy sitting with Ken and then drifted back to sleep. If he cried I don't remember and he didn't come out of anesthesia like most kids that were there. Most of the kids screamed and screamed. This reminded me of when I got my tonsils out at age 16 and I woke up from anesthesia screaming my self.

After Evan drifted off to sleep Ken put him back in the crib and he headed down for a quick bite to eat at the cafeteria. (If anyone has seen Ken eat he can manage to eat a sandwich in less than a minute) I stayed with my little guy. It was really hard because he wanted to sleep on his belly and with the surgery they really wanted him to stay on his back.

By around 1pm we were up in our room. Evan had woken up and he was ready for more juice. We found it really difficult at first because Evan was up so high in the crib and we had to stand next to him and keep him on his back and not trying to stand up in the crib. Finally, the nurse said they don't really care if someone sat in the crib with him so I spent most of the day sitting in the crib with Evan. I really wished I had my camera but I think Ken didn't want to be reminded in the future that Evan was sick so I didn't wage that battle with him.

My parents came up for a visit and Evan was able to eat some dinner. My mom and dad did really well and I think Evan had a good time seeing some new faces. Ken stayed with us till about 8:30 p.m. Getting Evan to take all of his meds was an adventure as he has figured out how to blow raspberries and spill out all the meds that he took. We were able to get some pain meds and a little valium to take the edge off and he drifted to sleep.

Staying overnight in the hospital when you are not a patient is the worst. As a patient you most likely are getting pain meds and really don't care that it is midnight or 4am but when you are sleeping on a pull out couch and you don't have pain meds and it is midnight or 4am it is pretty bad. It was cry all night for the other kid's on the floor. The night nurse told me that most of the parents just ignored the kids and in some cases couldn't stay the night with the child. Evan was really good with getting his vitals checked and changing diapers in the middle of the night.

Ugh! The diapers. Evan has a double diaper. One for the bottom layer with a hole in the middle for his parts and catheter to come out. The second diaper is to hold the urine from the catheter. We were lucky enough to have one of the pca's help make a few diapers till we got home. More on that later.

The resident woke me up at about 6 am doing rounds to check on Evan. The bad part is that I was totally asleep and secondly, so was Evan. He took his 2 minutes to check him and moved on. Of course Evan wouldn't go back to sleep. The good news was that as soon as he finished his IV antibiotics he could leave which was around 10:00 a.m. Ken went to work that morning and came to the hospital and picked us up. Ken dropped off all of the rx's and Evan and I headed home. Evan went down for a nap and I did too.

The rest of the week Evan and I stayed in the house. We did have a regular pediatric well visit. So I did take him. He gained a pound in 3 weeks and is 26lbs and 10 ozs. (but all beefy baby) and his height is at 32 inches!

Pounds gained for me---still only ranging from 4-5pounds.
Cravings: hot chocolate.

Belly pics-- the first one has been taken. I just haven't figured out how to get the pictures out of the camera as we changed to a new card and our old card reader isn't working. Ken figured it out but of course didn't tell me. But at least I took the picture.

Blog catch up again! - 15 months & 15 weeks.

I will once again try to catch up.

The weekend of fourth of July we rested and relaxed. We visited my sister and Evan enjoyed a dip in the pool. We had him all decked out in his swim shirt and hat and then in his swim toy that also had a cover over it. Now if we could just get him to keep on the sunglasses instead of eating them it would be great.

That Monday I went for my next prenatal appointment. They adjusted my due date by one day and now my due date is 1/13/2010 but I like the change. Evan was born on an odd day so it seems to sync up with his date an this baby. I am feeling good and have been keeping the morning sickness at bay. I usually only throw up about once a week now and mostly that is from severe temperature changes...going from warm shower to air conditioning. The heartbeat was just great and my weight gain was good at only 5 pounds gained total.

The following week I am sure that we did something fun and exciting but can't really remember. I know that we did go down to the Hartford Carousel and take a twirl. Evan can do about 4 rides without getting fidgety after that we are done.

We headed up north the next weekend and went up to Worcester. But before that Evan had his first big wipe out. I was in the bathroom with a bout of morning sickness and Ken was watching Evan push a box when he tripped and scratched his left cheek by his eye. Ken was besides himself and kept calling me and I kept on saying " almost done be right there" So we watched him to make sure his before was consistent and we felt he was good. After the morning drama finished we headed up to Worcester. Ken trimmed the hedges on Courtland street and Evan and I walked to the local park. I still love my stroller.

After Ken was done he picked us up from the park and we headed up to Nana and Grandpa's to get changed and then head over to visit Allison and Dori for dinner. Evan was trooper through all this and was really good in the restaurant. The waiter was cute and kept on going in and out of the other room and smiling and Evan just loved it. Evan was also very gentle with Madison (dori's 9 month old little girl) she is a peanut compared to Evan. (will send link to latest pics at end)

Saturday night we travelled back down and Sunday we decided to take Evan out to the carousel. We stumbled along the Hartford Jazz festival and we were able to get some carnie food! I love carnie food! I had a fresh squeezed lemonade and rather poor tasting fried dough. I think I might have to make my own at home...although I most likely will just put a little oil and bake them to avoid all that mess and bad food.

On Monday I had my last day at work before Evan's surgery. I was busy trying to catch up and make sure my desk was not that bad. At the end of the day I headed over to the Audiology department for a hearing test for Evan before he got his tubes.

We had some suspicions that Evan sometimes heard us and then sometimes didn't the hearing test confirmed that his hearing was pretty flat but not too bad. I am going to post a whole blog dedicated to his surgery.

Pounds gained: 5 (only a little belly now) ---belly pics to be posted soon.
Baby Ritchie#2 - gender unknown - 15 weeks old.
Evan - 15 months old

It happened on January 13:

1610Galileo Galilei discovers Ganymede, 4th moon of Jupiter.
1733James Oglethorpe and 130 colonists arrive in Charleston, South Carolina.
1942Henry Ford patents a plastic automobile, which is 30% lighter than a regular car.
1968Johnny Cash performs live at Folsom Prison
1993Space Shuttle program: Endeavour heads for space for the third time as STS-54 launches from the Kennedy Space Center.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Someday Four! Happy 40th birthday Ken.

It is true we are expecting baby number two! We found out on May 5th and Ken went through several stages of grief, denial, anger, and finally acceptance.

We are currently on week 11 and due on 1/14/2010. It is great two of my friends are also due within a few weeks of my date.

On Saturday, June 20th we stopped by my parents house with Evan decked out in his Big Brother t-shirt. My mom didn't realize till we told her to read and she read it about 3 times and then it finally clicked. She was really excited and glad to hear the good news.

That night we got all packed up and Granpa Ritchie, Nana, and Granana all came down to pick us up in the minivan for our big family trip to Ocean City, MD. We decided to leave at night as we did not want to travel with the little guy all day. So at 10:30 p.m. we began the process of packing up the car. We were able to get all the stuff in the car. We also brought out our big brother shirt again. It was very funny. Pop picked up Evan and read "Big 12 --the number on the little baseball -brother. My father in-law thought we were selected for the show the big brother! Lucky my MIL figured it out before my FIL. Everyone was very excited to hear the big news.

Our trip down was uneventful. We had to stop several times to go to the bathroom. Evan was pretty good. He would wake up when we stopped but would fall back to sleep pretty quick.

We got down to Ocean City around 5:30 a.m. we found a breakfast place and then we visited the boardwalk and walked around till we got into our condo unit at 9:00 a.m.

Once in the condo we got settled and took a nap with Evan.

On Monday, we headed out to the beach. It was a bit overcast but like my husband says" if we spend 5 minutes on the beach then it counts as a beach day.

Tuesday, we got up and did our usual early morning walk on the boardwalk. That afternoon we headed out to do some outlet shopping. We managed to pick up a fleece jacket for Evan for 99 cents! We also took a drive to Assateague and saw some of the wild horses.

Wednesday, my sister in law and brother in law and his family all arrived at the condo. We were able to once again put on the big brother shirt this time my SIL Christine did not get it at first too. Then my SIL Shirley immediately got it. It was great to see everyone and my niece and nephews...and the newest niece Caitlyn who is the cutest thing.

Thursay we loaded two cars and headed over to Assateague again and saw a bunch of horses on the beach and we even saw the forest ranger's crabbing and pulling out some fish and some crabs too! After that we headed out to the beach. Evan stayed behind for a nap so I got a little relaxing time not worrying about my chunk a monk.

Today, we woke up early and wished Ken a Happy 4oth birthday and rented bikes and rode the boardwalk. It was a fun ride. Ken had a seat on the back of the bike and Evan was on his bike and we rode for about an hour which turned out to be around 3 miles. Then when we got back Uncle Kevin made us pancakes and we headed off to the beach. I was able to get a couple of hours in the sun and managed to body surf a few waves.

We are now off to dinner. It looks like we could be pounding crab again.

Weight Watchers --on hold
weight gained - 5 pounds - ugh all that hard work.

Bad Bad Blogger! May 3-June 21st.

Yes, I am a bad bad blogger.

Let's try to get everyone up to date.

On May 3rd Nana, Granana and Granpa, and grandmother, all came down to visit and take Evan on his first carousel ride for the summer! We have family pass that my in-laws gave us for Evan's birthday and we took him out for the first time this season. Evan was pretty much in shock the whole time wondering what was going on. He had his little fists up in the air and he was really scared for the first couple of rides. Everyone would wave as we soared by and he would have the delayed wave and we would be past by the time he would wave. It took about 4 rides for him to crack a smile!

The following week we celebrated mother's day at my sister's house. Her pool was open so we sat by and just dunked our feet in. It was a bit to cold to even think about sleeping.

The next week we headed to Susie's house for our b.m.x. girls weekend. We met up with Mel, and Allison and I brought down Nanny Ken and Evan. Ken was under strict orders that this was girl's weekend and he came down to watch Evan. We headed down on a Friday afternoon and then picked up Mel at Laguardia,on friday we went out to dinner and just hung out. On Saturday we did more catching up and playing with Evan. We then headed into NYC. We had dinner in times square and then headed out to a club and had drinks and our nails done! It is a really cool bar and we danced and had a great time. Ken, Evan, and I all stayed in the city...which was a good thing because the rest of the girls took the 5:40 a.m. train! That is about 20 minutes before Evan gets up. We had such a great time and it was good to see everyone and for them to see Evan.

The weekend of the 22nd we celebrated my 34th birthday. This year it was an ongoing birthday celebration. Most people forgot the day and wished me belated birthday. On the 23rd we headed to my sister's to celebrate my other sister's birthday as she is 10 years and 1 day older than I am.

For the next 3 weekends I am pretty sure we stayed at home and did some errand running around.

Evan has been having so many ear infections that we finally took him to the ENT. After much discussing on what is the best option. We decided to get tubes put in Evan's ears. We will put them in on the same day that he goes for the hypospadius repair. The ENT doctor will coordinate with our surgeon so he will either get the tubes before or after his surgery. The ENT wanted us to put them in earlier but we just didn't want to take the risk of an additional anesthesia.

Evan is such a walker now. He started walking on April 28th and it was with a little hesitation because he thought his crawling was much faster. But he then realized he is much faster walking. He is now pretty good at walking and is looking a bit less like frankenstein.

I posted some pics of his birthday and some random photos. I changed my camera card but for soem reason the card reader wasn't working so will have to post them soon.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Half my size! Happy Birthday Big Boy!

Yes, last month I promised to post more but the time has gotten away from me again.

Let's catch up again!

Evan's First Birthday rolled around on April 19, with a party of 16 people all jammed into the kitchen and the living room. He had a great day. Of course I have posted a few pic to facebook but as we were singing "Happy Birthday" our camera card filled up. But we have several people that did take pictures so I should be getting those soon to post.

For the first time Evan was able to get his first taste of the world famous...Ok...so Worcester famous Widoff's 7 layer cake. 7 layers of yellow cake and chocolate frosting! It is one of my favorites and He enjoyed eating it. He was too cute picking up the cake and eating it and rocking back and forth like he had his own song in his head just rocking way and just loving it!

Last month Evan's surgery was cancelled long story but we have a different doctor and a date set for May 20th. The one thing that I am not fond of is that the new surgeon does not keep him overnight for observation. One thing that is comforting is that we are only 8 minutes away from the hospital and I won't hesitate to take him over if we necessary.

This week we wen to Evan's 1 year appointment. We opted to split the MMR and got him the measles vaccination this time. At his next appt we will get the mumps or rubella ...both are one back order. Drum roll please... here are Evan's 1 year stats.
31 inches.. I am 62 inches! and 24.5 pounds. What a big boy! just 5 weeks ago he was 28.5 inches and 22.5 pounds.
I feel so bad as we we bought shoes for him last month at size four and after the doctor appointment we had him resized and he was a five and a half! No wonder why the caregivers could not get his shoes on and he wouldn't keep them on!

This weekened was gorgeous so I took Evan out for a weigh in at WW--still at goal. and we then ran some errands and then he enjoyed a great walk in our awesome stroller. Evan and I took a 2 hour walk at our favorite park which is where I labored and just spent so many days on maternity leave. Evan was great he just kicked back and took a nap while I strolled. I did of course cover his legs with sunblock because they stick out a bit. I did not wear sunblock and got a good burn on my nose. It is great to finally be able to get out and get some fresh air and Evan loves to be strolled.

Today, we headed to Manette's baptism it was another great day. We had fun hanging out with all the babies...four of them ranging from 6 weeks to Evan being the oldest at 1 year and my sister's new puppy. Evan had fun racing the puppy around the house and even got the upper hand when he was able to grab the puppies leash.

This week is supposed to be great. I am hoping we can swing around the park again before it cools to more spring like weather. It is always a little difficult going out during the week as Evan still likes to go to bed at around 6:45 so getting him fed and ready for bed when we get home at 5pm is usually our priority.

Well off to write thank you notes from Evan's birthday.

Half my size! Happy Birthday Big Boy!